3D Printing
Prototyping services for your business

3D Printing

The bread and butter of our services.  With three MakerGear M2s, and an ONI Technology H-Bot, we can handle most parts the size of a basketball or smaller.  We can accept most any type of file (STL or OBJ are preferred), and average turnaround is about 2 days from file receipt to part pickup.

We have a wide range of types of plastic (ABS, PLA, TPE, Nylon, PET/PETG, Polycarbonate).

My prices are low compared to large print houses. I charge $1 per hour of machine time, and between 12 and 80 cents per cubic centimeter of plastic used, depending on the type of plastic.

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Want to work with me?  Contact me directly, or if you'd prefer, contact me at makexyz or 3D Hubs.