Large quanity? Little problem.

So one thing we can do well (as seen in the STEAM post) is volume.  I believe this is something that sets us apart from other prototyping shops — rapid, high-volume turnaround.

These large parts were individually printed in black PLA plastic, 8″ x 8″ x 0.5″ each.  They were not castable due to specific geometry that’s difficult to see in this picture.  These were printed with support and at 0.2mm layers across 4 MakerGear M2 printers running almost non-stop.


There are 90 in this picture.  Turnaround time from receiving the files to parts in the mail was four days, and at a cost of less than $600 including support removal and overnight shipping.  This is admittedly faster than normal, but it should help show that we’ll do whatever we can to meet your needs.